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Strip insulation coil winding machine

Product Description
  Usage:To wind high voltage coil or small low voltage coil of distribution transformers.The major difference with routine winding machine is that it uses insulation paper strip,not wide insulation paper,to wind layer insulation of the coil.
  It can finish winding of wire,end insulation and layer insulation continuously.
  It automatically increases or reduces thickness layer insulation gradually according to neighboring wire layer voltage.
  Currently this technique has been widely used in transformer factories worldwide.
  1.Reduce workload,shorten winding period and increase working efficiency;
  2.Save almost 50%insulation material;
  3.Cut down insulation paper size and save storage cost;
  4.Reduce coil size and accordingly transformer size,and save conductor,core,tank etc.It can save totally around 5%.
  Max.Load:500kg,1000kg,2000kg for your choice
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